IdeaMensch Interview

IdeaMensch provides handcrafted interviews with entrepreneurs, makers and doers. Their in-depth interview with Green Apple Founder & CEO Christopher Tufford was published on March 30, 2021. In this interview you’ll learn where the idea for Green Apple came from, how he brings ideas to life and what real business idea he’s giving away to readers. […]

Round Table Talk Show

Green Apple Founder & CEO Christopher Tufford joined the Round Table Talk Show hosted by Sharifah Hardie on March 3rd. Topics ranged from “why you do what you do” as an Entepreneur to the decriminalization of marijuana. It was a fun and lively group! Facebook Live link HERE

Nathan Latka Podcast Interview with Green Apple CEO Christopher Tufford

Nathan Latka has built a SaaS business that tracks and collects data on other SaaS businesses straight from the CEO’s and then provides that data and their stories through his podcast, magazine and website. Nathan interviewed Green Apple Pay’s Founder & CEO, Christopher Tufford, in early February and started the conversation off with a question […]

5 Nonprofit Sector Trends in 2021

Wendy Jing’s latest article about 5 nonprofit sector trends to watch for in 2021 and how Green Apple fits into that was Published in IT World Canada on January 7th. Story Link HERE