In March of this year, the Coronoavirus pandemic changed the world!  Some things have returned to what we call the new normal while others continue to be disrupted.  Our mission is to create solutions to help solve the problems that exist due to the pandemic.  My name is Christopher Tufford and I’m the Founder & CEO of Green Apple Pay.  

Green Apple Pay is a digital fundraising platform that helps organizations like charities, schools and churches generate steady recurring revenue by making it seamless for stakeholders to contribute through their normal everyday spending.  We’re like a cashback credit card for organizations. 

The Problem organizations have is that their fundraising goals and objectives are dependent on unsteady and fluctuating event activities.
You see, it used to be that organizations raised the majority of their funds through offline activities and events that did not keep up with society’s rapid adoption of technology.
But now the coronavirus pandemic has made previously popular and more traditional methods of fundraising more difficult or impossible.
With our Solution organizations can generate automated and recurring revenues created through commissions and micro donations produced from their stakeholders’ everyday spending.
And that means organizations can adapt to the low touch economy and their next generation of tech savvy stakeholders. 
What Differentiates Green Apple Pay is we use banking APIs that track user spending to generate commissions and revenue automatically without the need for constant user engagement.  Stakeholders sign up once and never have to do anything after that to keep supporting the organizations they care about.  It’s as easy as “Set it and Forget it”!
Revenue Model

Green Apple Pay makes money through three revenue streams:

Transaction Rounding is done through stakeholder spending with a linked debit or credit card

Affinity Commissions are tracked when stakeholders shop at partner retail locations

Transaction Fees are charged for all direct donations and purchases through the platform
Here’s How it Works

Our current competition is from existing platforms that earn commissions for organizational fundraising like FlipGive, Fundscrip and GroupRaise or process direct donations like Canada Helps but they are all one-dimensional and less sophisticated than Green Apple Pay.

What sets Green Apple Pay apart from the competition is our level of automation and integration using banking APIs that do all the work in the background without the need for constant user engagement.  We provide the same quick, simple, automated and recurring functionality as the cashback apps like Drop and Mylo but by providing Organizations a system to allow their stakeholders to pool their cashback rewards and micro-donations for an organization they collectively support. 
Competitive landscape Chart

Green Apple Pay has a tremendously experienced team with decades of combined experience in C-level management, startups and building technology platforms including Fintech.  Their executive experience includes time at the iGaming titan World Poker Tour, business intelligence app platform Fuse Powered and Canadian fintech sensation KOHO.
Founding Team
We’ve launched our equity-crowdfunding campaign on FrontFundr and you’re invited to become a co-owner!

We have opened a public equity raise in order to help finance the next stages of our business development and product launch.  We are raising up to $500,000 in this crowdfunding seed round.  It is only open initially through our private link to friends and family before it opens later in October to the general public and FrontFundr’s professional investor network.  Our minimum investment is only $500 because we wanted it to be affordable for everyone to participate in.

The funds will be used for:

50% Software Development: Money will be spent to continue the planned software development schedule including new and improved feature sets and functionality

35% Sales and Marketing: Money will be used to grow our sales and marketing team and cover marketing expenses

15% Client Integration and Support: 15%: Money will be spent on hiring client support and success managers to handle client onboarding and stakeholder engagement 
Why you should consider investing:

Impact Investing: invest in a socially conscious business that wants to empower all types of organizations to improve their fundraising metrics during the Low Touch Economy

Fintech is a High Growth Sector: Fintech, or financial technology, is attracting a lot of investor interest, particularly during the pandemic, who are injecting more and more capital into startups that use technology to innovate the financial sectors

Invest in a Startup that could be the next Narwhal: A Narwhal is the Canadian equivalent of a Unicorn.  A Unicorn is the US term for a tech company with a Billion dollar valuation.  Market conditions are aligned for a company to disrupt the fundraising space and become a large business in a few short years

Because you’re a Future Green Apple Pay User: If you can see yourself or an organization you support benefitting from Green Apple Pay then you understand the problem we are solving.  Join us and come along for the ride!Join Green Apple Pay in bringing freedom and flexibility to meet the demands of modern life!

Use this LEARN MORE private link below to access our campaign page for more detailed information about the opportunity: