Green Apple Pay is a digital fundraising platform to help organizations like charities, schools and churches generate steady recurring revenue by making it seamless for stakeholders to contribute through their normal everyday spending.  We’re like a cashback credit card for organizations. 

The Problem organizations have is that their fundraising goals and objectives are dependent on unsteady and fluctuating event activities.

You see, it used to be that organizations raised the majority of their funds through offline activities and events that did not keep up with society’s rapid adoption of technology.

But now the coronavirus pandemic has made previously popular and more traditional methods of fundraising more difficult or impossible.

With our Solution organizations can generate automated and recurring revenues produced through commissions and micro donations produced from their stakeholders’ everyday spending.

And that means organizations can adapt to the low touch economy and their next generation of tech savvy stakeholders. 

What Differentiates Green Apple Pay is we use banking APIs that track user spending to generate commissions and revenue automatically without the need for constant user engagement.  Stakeholders sign up once and never have to do anything after that to keep supporting the organizations they care about.  It’s as easy as “Set it and Forget it”!