The Future of Digital Fundraising

Digital solutions to help organizations diversify their fundraising for the Low Touch Economy!

The Future of Digital Fundraising

Cashless, paperless & e-commerce solutions for the Low Touch Economy

The Future of Digital Fundraising

Cashless, paperless & e-commerce solutions for the Low Touch Economy
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About Us

Green Apple Pay acts as the keystone in fundraising efforts for Organizations and their Stakeholders.  By providing digital tools and functionality, we make it easy to generate automated and recurring revenues produced through micro-donations and affinity commissions from stakeholder spending at retail partners.  Stakeholders only need to sign up once and never have to do anything after that to keep supporting the organizations they care about. 

It’s as easy as Set-it & Forget-it!

Organizations include:

Charities & Non Profits

Hospital Foundations

School Boards

Private Schools


Voluntary Health Agencies


Extracurricular Programs

Social Groups

Sports Leagues


Social Justice

What We Do

From a single mobile friendly dashboard, an institution’s Stakeholders (Ex: Parents, Children, Parishioners, Athletes, Players, Members, etc.) can register online, make payments, accept event invitations, buy products, make donations, sign waivers and keep an eye on activities offered and available.

Administration staff can add products, list events, send reminders, create forms, run reports and control all the operational data for their events.

Green Apple believes that by providing both sides access to a centralized, cashless and paperless system makes life easier for everyone involved. This improved interface saves both side’s time and money – something we’re all desperately short of in our new modern world!


Event types include:
  • field trips
  • pizza & milk days
  • after school programs
  • stock-the-class
  • summer camps
  • March Break camps
  • PA Day & Holiday camps
  • bible school
  • women’s retreats
  • men’s conferences
  • leadership courses


  • sports teams
  • practice clinics
  • coaching seminars
  • tournaments
  • competitions
  • clubs
  • fundraisers
  • donations
  • registration fees
  • date night / child care
  • volunteer registrations

and many more…

We are fortunate to work with great brands


Green Apple’s unique business model

Green Apple’s unique business model provides Organizations with the event management and cashless payment solutions they require but at a price that can’t be beat…

  • No Annual Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Signup Fees
  • No Cancellation Fees

You don’t pay us… We pay you!

Please contact us for details

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